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Bank Accounts

We understand you have different needs and require extra benefits for your lifestyle.Our bank accounts give you the freedom to manage your money and make payments the way you choose to. Wherever you are. Whenever you want

Choose an account that suites you
Achiever banking
Achiever banking account

An Achiever account offering for emerging, middle-class customers that consists Young adults who are advancing through the early part of their careers and those who are at the mid-point of their careers

Executive account
Executive Account

Current account for upper middle-class customers who may also have additional sources of income. Executive Banking is ideal for customers who want convenient banking to help them manage their multi-income, multi-payment financial lives.

Private banking
Private Banking

Private Banking offers you the best-in-class financial advisory services for your banking, wealth creation and management needs. By combining our end-to-end capabilities, our team of experienced and dedicated banking professionals, cutting-edge technology and international pedigree, we deliver superior banking service that gives you status and priority. Tailor-made to deliver the best in banking, our Private Banking solutions have been perfected over time to drive the progress of our most important client, you.

We also offer
Fixed deposit
Fixed Deposit Account

A Fixed Deposit is an investment account where money is deposited for a fixed period and the interest rate does not change. A Fixed Deposit offers interest rates higher than ordinary savings accounts and is ideal if you want to save for a specific goal – like the deposit for a wedding or a year-end holiday.

Personal loan
Personal loan

Get access to a Personal Loan or Working Capital of up to K330,000.00, and progress easily towards your personal and business goals