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Saving and Investing
We offer you saving and investing solutions aimed at meeting your business needs

Grow your money

We offer you saving and investing solutions aimed at meeting your business needs

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Business call account
Business call account

This account enables you to earn a higher interest, the higher your account balance means a better interest The Call account is an interest-bearing investment account that allows earn good market related interest on deposited of funds which may be withdrawn upon notice when needed

Fixed deposit account
Fixed deposit account

A Fixed Deposit Account is an investment account which allows your business to invest funds for a fixed period and earn an interest. Set your investment period, make a single deposit, and see your money grow at a fixed rate without attracting any bank any charges

We also offer
Business Current Account
Business current account

Our business current account helps you to manage your money and transact 24/7 using online platforms. Our business current account gives you access to secure electronic transfers, payments and allows you to boost your business’s cashflow with tailored financial solutions

Business Overdraft

An overdraft gives your business a fluctuating loan facility that is individually tailored to meet your short- term finance for working capital. As a short-term credit facility on your Business Current Account, your overdraft is a quick and convenient way to free up your cash flow. It allows you to use as much as you need up to your limit and remains available to you when not in use. Interest is charged only on the portion you use.