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Business banking accounts
Business Banking solutions to meet your everyday Business needs

The Solutions

Business current account

From traditional branch banking to using our advanced electronic services.

Our business current account helps you to manage your money and transact 24/7 using online platforms. Our business current account gives you access to secure electronic transfers, payments and allows you to boost your business’s cashflow with tailored financial solutions.

Business current account
We also offer
Business revolving term loan
Business Revolving Term Loan

Curb your recurring expenses and cash flow constraints with a Business Revolving Term Loan. This is a continuous loan facility where repayments are calculated over five years in equal monthly installments. Once you have made monthly repayments for at least six months, you can withdraw funds up to the original limit, without your monthly repayments being affected

Business call account
Business call account

This account enables you to earn a higher interest, the higher your account balance means a better interest The Call account is an interest-bearing investment account that allows earn good market related interest on deposited of funds which may be withdrawn upon notice when needed