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ContractSave is an affordable, disciplined savings plan that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. It is ideal if you want to save for big future expenses like the deposit on a house, your children's education, or to top-up your retirement savings. A compulsory, monthly stop order is needed to fund the account. This ensures that you save regularly over a pre-selected period without giving in to the temptation to spend your savings.

What does it offer me?

  • You need to sign a minimum stop order
  • Additional deposits (no minimum amount) can be made to the account at any time
  • You must have a transaction account with us to fund your stop order
  • The minimum investment period is 12 months. There is no maximum period of investment
  • You are allowed to have more than one ContractSave account
  • . You can open a ContractSave account for your children
  • Interest is calculated on the daily balance and compounded monthly
  • Interest rates are tiered and variable depending on the amount of your investment.
  • Bonus interest is paid every year
  • There are no transaction fees charged to the account
  • A redemption fee is charged for early withdrawals
  • An early redemption fee applies if the account is closed before the maturity date.


What do I need to apply?

Be over the age of 18.

Visit your nearest branch with your valid identity document and fill in an application form.

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