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Borrow for your needs
A wide range of borrowing solutions to meet your long term and short term needs

Borrow for your needs

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Agri finance
Agriculture finance

We offer need-based agricultural loans of varying terms to clients engaged in the farming of staple as well as cash crops, horticulture, plantations, poultry, animal husbandry, dairy, seeds and warehousing. Facilities may be offered after credit due diligence is done on the farming entity. We also finance the supply of a wide range of agri-input products like seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, micro nutrients and irrigation equipment. We have identified the transportation, storage and processing of food and other agri commodities as focus areas and offer Working Capital and Term loans with varying terms to eligible processors, based on their financials and the strength of the underlying commodities

Business revolving term loan
Business Revolving Term Loan

Curb your recurring expenses and cash flow constraints with a Business Revolving Term Loan. This is a continuous loan facility where repayments are calculated over five years in equal monthly installments. Once you have made monthly repayments for at least six months, you can withdraw funds up to the original limit, without your monthly repayments being affected

Business term loan
Business term loan

A Business Term Loan supports your business in achieving its long-term financial goals. To make repayments suitable for your business, monthly instalments are matched to your business’ cash flow. The term of your loan can be structured for between 3 and 5 years.

Commercial property loan
Commercial property loan

A Commercial property loan is your medium- to long-term loan specifically designed to fund, re-finance and/or enhance non-residential property. This loan enables you to purchase, expand or renovate any income-producing real estate that is used for business purposes such as retail shops, offices, hotels, and apartments

Business Overdraft

An overdraft gives your business a fluctuating loan facility that is individually tailored to meet your short- term finance for working capital. As a short-term credit facility on your Business Current Account, your overdraft is a quick and convenient way to free up your cash flow. It allows you to use as much as you need up to your limit and remains available to you when not in use. Interest is charged only on the portion you use.

Working capital loan
Working Capital Loan

Our Working Capital Loan gives you the funds your business needs to keep growing until you can cover all operating expenses out of your revenue. The Working Capital loan facility is granted to your business entity to help meet its immediate cash needs. The loan is repaid in instalments over between 3 and 24 months, and sometimes longer

We also offer
Business Current Account
Business current account

Our business current account helps you to manage your money and transact 24/7 using online platforms. Our business current account gives you access to secure electronic transfers, payments and allows you to boost your business’s cashflow with tailored financial solutions

Business online
Business online

This is an electronic system that allows you to access your accounts through our website. It gives you the freedom to transact from a location of your choice. Manage all your business banking needs on this standalone, secure platform. From simple transactions and transfers, to local and cross-border trade deals as well as forex payments, you have full control over how you handle your business’s finances. You can also pay for your taxes and company utility bills through Business Online. It is simple and secure