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Our Business Call account is an interest-bearing account into which funds may be deposited and drawn on demand. As there are no management or service fees, a call account is an excellent way to manage your cash flow – as well as to save and grow your money for the future of your business.

What does it offer me

  • There is no limit on the number of transactions on your call account
  • Loan facilities are offered against a pledge of funds in your call account
  • You don’t need to give us notice to draw your funds
  • Your account can be used as a cash management facility, with income directed to the account to keep a high credit balance
  • You can transfer funds to a transaction account for everyday banking needs
  • Telephone and Internet banking are fast and convenient ways to check your balance or interest rate, and to transfer money between your Call account and any of your other accounts with us.


What do I need to apply

Be a Stanbic Bank Business client with an existing transactional account.

This account operates together with a transaction account. This is necessary because funds are electronically transferred between the two accounts depending on the limit you set on your transactional account.  

If you have a Business Current account with us, we will have all your documents on file. All we need is a letter, signed by the authorised signatories, asking us to open a call account. 

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