Travellers Cheques

Travellers cheques are a safe alternative to carrying cash when travelling to foreign destinations. We are an accredited American Express agent.

Who can apply?

All Stanbic Bank customers can buy travellers cheques.

Documents required
Apart from your application, no documents are needed other than for outward payments where you need to give us supporting documents for all amounts greater than USD 5,000.00.

What does it offer me?

  • Travellers cheques can be replaced virtually anywhere in the world by the issuing financial institution if they are lost or stolen
  • Travellers cheques are easy to use. Simply sign the cheque when you buy them and keep a note of the serial numbers so that you are protected if your cheques are lost or stolen. When you are ready to use a cheque sign your name in the lower left-hand corner in the presence of the acceptor
  • Travellers cheques are recognised around the world. They are available in numerous currencies and denominations, and can be exchanged at banks, hotels, foreign exchange bureaus and other financial institutions
  • Travellers cheques do not expire, so you can save unused traveller cheques for your next trip
  • You can deposit your travellers’ cheques directly into your account when you return from your trip.


What do I need to apply?

You need to give us your National registration card, passport or ‘driver’s license.


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