Enterprise Online

Enterprise Online is a new online banking solution designed specifically to meet your business transactional needs. Enterprise Online provides you with the ability to transact on your business accounts online anywhere 24/7. With our extensive regional footprint, you have online access to your entire Standard Bank/Stanbic banking portfolio across products, countries and currencies. All of this with a single login, allowing you to monitor your cash flow easily.

What you can do

  • Account viewing and statements
  • Seamless transfers between your Stanbic accounts
  • Seamless payments to accounts at other banks
  • Multiple payments in one go, eg. paying salaries
  • Segregation of duties (assign different levels of authorisation to your staff, setting access and limits accordingly)
  • Audit trail of transactions
  • Service requests
  • Bulk and Single Beneficiary Payments – Inter account and inter-bank payments
  • Value Added Service payments
    • Buying Prepaid electricity,
    • Paying post-paid electricity,
    • buy airtime and data bundles
  • Bulk and Single Instant Money - sending funds to a mobile number
  • Approve or Reject transactions that are sent by other members of the enterprise

What you get

  • Ability to pay up to 2000 beneficiaries using automatic clearing house (ACH) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) through a single csv or txt file e.g. crypted file
  • Payments may be made locally in your own currency, or across-currency
  • Indicative rates are available and payments are made at that day’s rate
  • The platform has a facility to capture future dated payments

Beneficiary Management

  • Regular beneficiary details may be captured and stored in your system for re-use
  • Once-off payments may be made to ad hoc beneficiaries
  • Role-based security governs who in your organisation may create and transact with beneficiaries

Account Management

  • Opening of additional accounts can be done online
  • A printer friendly version of your statement is available that includes the Standard Bank logo, allowing you to use it as an official statement
  • Statements are available online for upto 180 days
  • Intra-day statement information may be downloaded directly from the Internet in a variety of formats


Online Banking

  • Rates & fees