Cash deposit machine

A Cash deposit Machine (CDM) is an automated self-service solution, which allows you to deposit money into any valid Stanbic Bank account. It allows an easy and convenient way to deposit money taking the hassle out of visiting a branch. Our products and services are designed to meet our customers’ needs- Making use of our Cash Deposit Machine is a secure and safe way to deposit money into a valid Stanbic bank account.

What you can do

  • Cardless deposit – which means that you can make a deposit without a card
  • Make bulk deposits of up to 100 notes per deposit
  • A total of 600 notes can be processed in a minute

Benefits to you the customer

  • Minimal time spent in queues
  • Self-service so you can do it yourself
  • Available 24/7 for your convenience
  • Real time value after deposit of cash
  • Quicker turn-around times because of reduced queues and waiting time
  • Quick transaction processing

What it costs

We understand that you have important things to spend your money on, which is why we have kept our banking costs to a minimum.


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