Gold Account

Living a gold lifestyle and looking for a financial solution to match? Our Gold Account Package is for high-income earners and is designed with a range of benefits to meet the needs of individuals who are serious about success.


Silver Account

Our Silver Account Package gives you the flexibility you need to enjoy a lifestyle geared towards aspiration, style and success. If you know what you want and when you want it, our Silver Account Package will meet your needs – and then some!


Private Banking

Because you have worked hard in life, you have attained your status. Now you have an exclusive account that will work hard for you.


Offshore Banking

Private Banking gives you access to a comprehensive range of offshore products and services through Standard Bank Offshore, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group


TransactPlus Account

If you want a bank account that makes your life easier, a TransactPlus account is for you.


Online Banking

Select your online banking platform: