Guaranteed Overdraft

A Guaranteed Overdraft is a credit facility offered to Private Banking and Gold Account customers. The overdraft is loaded to your Stanbic Bank Current account and the funds are available immediately. An overdraft is ideal to help you manage your cash flow in months when you have high expenditure and to finance small recurring expenses as well as unforeseen expenses, which you intend paying off over a short period.

What does it offer me ?

  • Funds are available immediately and you can use as much of your agreed overdraft limit whenever you need it
  • There is no fixed repayment period – your loan is automatically renewed every year based on the conduct on your account
  • You only pay interest on the portion of the limit that you actually use in any month
  • Your full overdraft limit remains available even when you’re not using it.



What do I need to apply?

You need to have a Private Banking or a  Gold Account account with us

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