Broadway cargo founder moves forward with Anakazi

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LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – There is no such thing as a man’s job in Catherine Mututa Lungu’s world.

It’s an attitude that has helped her run a successful customs clearing and forwarding agency for over ten years.

Although Ms Lungu initially had no interest in entrepreneurship, she set up Broadway Cargo in 2008 after gaining experience working for a clearing company, where she impressed her employers and quickly rose through the ranks.

“I started out as a clearing clerk for a local organisation and rose to operations manager. After that I felt confident to start my own company.”

Though she had gained experience and was good at working in the clearing and forwarding business, Ms Lungu was nervous about setting up her own company.

“Setting up your own company comes with a lot of uncertainty, I did not know if I would succeed or fail.”

Ms Lungu had no reason to worry. Soon after setting up Broadway Cargo she attracted clients and the company has been thriving ever since.

“I get a lot of my clients through referral. It is important to treat clients well and with integrity. They will recommend you to other people.”

Broadway Cargo offers its clients a range of services that include customs clearing of goods coming into Zambia and leaving Zambia. It also collects revenue on behalf of government as agents.

Ms Lungu, who has been banking with Stanbic Bank for over ten years, was one of the first people to be invited to be part of Stanbic’s Anakazi Banking proposition.

“I joined Stanbic Bank when I set up my company. Initially I was with them for just personal banking, and I was so impressed with their services I decided to move my business there as well and it has been a very pleasant experience.”

Anakazi Banking is a tailor-made banking service for women. It was introduced by Stanbic Bank in 2017 and focuses on both increased access to finance and capacity building activities for women entrepreneurs.

These platforms include training, mentorship and networking events to build knowledge in business management and access to markets, as well as assistance in business formalisation.

Anakazi has hosted training sessions in partnership with Babson College, where female entrepreneurs received one of the world’s top entrepreneurship programmes.

Ms Lungu enjoys been part of Anakazi and has reaped many benefits from being part of the banking programme.

“It has been a fantastic experience. I have received training, attended workshops and also had plenty of networking opportunities,” she said.

Going forward Ms Lungu hopes to branch into real estate, and with financial backing from her bank she is confident her venture will be a success.


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