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Main phone

1 Lusaka Main Woodgate House, 1 Nairobi Place, Cairo Road PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-227126/  221657/231405
2 Matero Service Centre Commonwealth Road PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-242909
3 Lusaka Industrial Branch Stand No. 11821, Mulalika Road, off Lumumba Road PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-287830
4 Manda Hill Mall Branch Manda Hill Mall, Great East Rd PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-294421/74
5 Arcades Service Centre Arcades Shopping Mall, Great East Road PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-256880
6 Kabwata Branch Burma Road, Kabwata PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-235014
7 Kabwe Service Centre 59 Independence Avenue PO Box 80592 Kabwe 00-260-215-224791
8  Mkushi Service Centre Plot 34, Independence Avenue PO Box 840091 Mkushi 00-260-215-362042
9 Ndola Branch Cnr President Avenue & Maina Soko Road PO Box 71525 Ndola 00-260-212-611865
10 Kafubu Mall Branch Stand No.SS25/SS26 Corner of T3 Highway and President Avenue  PO Box 71525 Ndola 00-260-211-615193
11 Kitwe Branch Cnr Obote & President Avenues PO Box 21600 Kitwe 00-260-212-224622
12 Mukuba Mall Branch Cnr Freedom & Chiwala Avenues PO Box 21600 Kitwe 00-212-280078/79
13 Chisokone Service Centre Chisokone Market off Independence Avenue PO Box 21600 Kitwe 00-260-212-221313
14 Mufulira Service Centre Stand No. 14, Buteko Avenue  PO Box 41000 Mufulira 00-260-212-410719
15 Chambishi Service Zambia China Economic & Trade Co-operation Zone, Kitwe - Chingola Road PO Box 21600 Chambishi 00-260-212-251380
16 Chingola Branch Plot 615, Independence Road PO Box 10275 Chingola 00-260-212-310289
17 Solwezi Service Centre 133 Independence Avenue PO Box 110141 Solwezi 00-260-218-821526
18 Lumwana Service Centre Lumwana Mine PO Box 110141 Solwezi 00-260-218-240095
19 Chipata Service Centre 1884 Umodzi Highway, Chiparamba House PO Box 511000 Chipata 00-260-216-222692
20 Livingstone Branch Mosi-oa-tunya Square, Mosi-oa-tunya Road PO Box 60123 Livingstone 00-260-213-324353/4
21 Choma Service Centre Sub 1/79A, Livingstone Road PO Box 630415 Choma 00-260-213-221365
22 Mazabuka Branch Livingstone Branch PO Box 670552 Mazabuka 00-260-213-231261
23 Kafue River Mall Branch Mazabuka Road PO Box 31955 Kafue 00-260-211-311051
24 Soweto Service Centre Nampundwe Road PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-229072
25 Cosmopolitan Mall Branch Kafue Road PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-272397
26 Woodlands Mall Branch Woodlands Mall, Chindo Rd PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-269655
27 Kabulonga Centro Branch Kabulonga/Bishops Rds PO Box 31955 Lusaka  00-260-211-269699
28 Waterfalls mall Branch Great East & Airport Rds PO Box 31955 Lusaka  00-260-211-389456
30 Eastpark Mall Branch Great East Rd PO Box 31955 Lusaka 00-260-211-845065




ATM Locator




Physical Address

1  Arcades Lusaka  Arcades Shopping Mall, Great East Road  
2  Builders Paradise  Lusaka  East Park Shopping Mall, Great East Road  
3  Chainama Lusaka  Engen Service Station, Chainama 
4  Emmasdale Lusaka  Great North Rd, Emmasdale 
5  Chambishi Chambishi   Sino mine Service Station, Chingola Kitwe Road  
6  Chilenje Mall Lusaka  Chilenje Mall,Mulamba Road 
7  Chililabombwe Chililabombwe  Chililabombwe Road
8  Chingola Chingola  Independence Road 
9  Chingola Branch Chingola Chingola Mall
10  Chipata Chiipata  Umodzi Highway
11  Chisokone Branch  Kitwe  Chisokone Market, Kitwe 
12  Chisokone Kitwe  Total Chisokone 
13  Choma Choma  Livingstone Road 
14  Cosmopolitan Mall  Lusaka  Kafue Road, Cosmopolitan Mall 
15  Crossroads Lusaka  Leopards Hill Road, Cross Roads 
16  Downtown Lusaka  Kafue Road, Downtown Shopping Mall 
17  East Park Lusaka  Great East Road, East Park Mall 
18  East Park Branch Lusaka  Great East Road, East Park Mall 
19  Foxdale Lusaka  Foxdale Shopping Mall, Roma 
20  Garden City Mall Lusaka Great East Road, Garden City Mall
21  Goldcrest Mall Lusaka  Tokyo Way, Kamwala South 
22  Great North Rd Mall  Lusaka  Great North Road 
23  Head Office Lusaka Head Office, Addis Abbaba Drive
24  Industrial Branch Lusaka Mukatasha Road , Off Lumamba Road  
25  Jacaranda Ndola  Jacaranda Mall Ndola 
26  Kabulonga Mall Lusaka  Corner of Kabwe & Mushili Rd Ndola 
27  Kabulonga Total Lusaka  Cnr Bishop/Kabulonga Rd, Kabulonga  
28  Kabwata Lusaka  Burma Road, Kabwata 
30  Kabwe Kabwe  Independence Way 
31  Kabwe Mall Kabwe  Great North Road, Kabwe 
32   Kabwe Offiste Kabwe  96 Marshal Avenue, Kabwe 
33  Kafue River Mall Kafue  Mazabuka Road, Kafue 
34  Kalingalinga Lusaka  Alick Nkhata Rd, Kalingalinga  
35  Kalumbila Solwezi Kalumbila Mine
36   Kamwala Lusaka  Chilumbulu Road 
37  Kansanshi Solwezi  Kansanshi Mine 
38   Kansenshi Ndola  Kwacha Road 
39   Kapiri Kapiri  Great North Road, Total, Kapiri Mposhi
40   Kitwe Main Kitwe  Obote Avenue 
41   Levy Park Lusaka  Church Road, Levy Mall 
42   Libala  Lusaka  Engen Service Station, Chilumbulu Rd, Libala
43   Livingstone Livingstone  Mosio Tunya Road
44   Longacres Lusaka  Haile Selassie, Longacres 
45   Lumwana Lumwana  Lumwana 
46   Lusaka Main Lusaka  Woodgate House, Cairo Road 
47   Makeni Mall Lusaka  Kafue Road, Makeni Mall 
48   Manda Hill Lusaka  Manda Hill Shopping Mall, Great East Road 
49   Matero Branch Lusaka  Commonwealth Rd, Matero 
50   Mazabuka Branch Mazabuka  Lusaka Road, Mazabuka 
51   Mkushi Mkushi  Buteko Street 
52   Monze Monze  Lusaka Road, Monze 
53   Mufulira Mufulira  Buteko Avenue 
54   Mukuba Branch Kitwe  Mukuba Mall,Parklands, Kitwe 
55  Ndola Kafubu Mall Ndola  Kafubu Mall, Ndola 
56   Ndola Main Ndola Cnr President & Maina Soko 
57   Northmead  Lusaka  Great East Road, Northmead  
58   Pamodzi Lusaka  Nasser Road, Taj Pamodzi Hotel ,Lusaka 
59   Parklands Kitwe  Kuomboka Drive, Parklands  
60   PHI Lusaka  PHI Mall 
61   Sandys Lusaka  Sandys Creation, Kafue Road, Lusaka 
62   Society House Lusaka Society Business Park, Cairo Rd, Lusaka
63   Solwezi Main Solwezi  Independence Avenue, Solwezi 
64   Solwezi Mall Solwezi Solwezi City Mall
65   Soweto Lusaka  New Soweto Market, Los Angeles Road 
66   Twin Palm Lusaka Twin Palm Mall,Twin Palm Road, Avodale
67   Waterfalls Mall Lusaka Cnr Great East & Airport Roads, Lusaka
68   Woodlands Mall Lusaka Woodlands Mall, Chindo Road
69   Munali Mall Lusaka Cnr of Munali Rd  & 12th Street
70   Chirundu Mall Chirundu  Chaiwa Road, Chirundu 


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